Shadow Complex release date is August 19th. Developers discuss the title

Shadow Complex gameplay screenshot. Release date is August 19th, 2009
Shadow Complex will be released exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade on August 19th as part of the 2nd annual Summer of Arcade.

The game a homage is “in the spirit of” to Super Metroid and plays like a side-scrolling action game with high definition 3D graphics, but a side-scrolling viewpoint. The game is being executive produced by Epic and Cliffy B. of Gears of War fame and developed by “Chair Entertainment”. The game world is based on Orsan Scott Card’s “Empire” universe which is about a Civil War within the U.S.

The game starts you off with only a flashlight but you will pick up more weapons as you explore the game’s environments and find all of the secret areas. So there is a lot going on in this intense-looking side-scroller and it promises to be one of the heftiest downloadable games with anywhere from 10-12 hours to beat it for your first play-through. Personally I think the game looks awesome. I can’t wait to pick it up!

Here is some interviews with the various developers of Shadow Complex.