Expect Spyborgs 2 if original is successful

30 July 2009
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Spyborgs finishing move screenshot. Expect more in Spyborgs 2 if the first sells
Expect Spyborgs 2 if the original game is successful, according to a comment on the Capcom Unity forums.

Capcom’s Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development (phew!) made this comment on the Ask Capcom board:

“Creative directors from three ratchet games and resistence isn’t bad, no? As one example. If we’re successful, naturally there’ll be more. Fingers crossed.”

So it’s about as generic a statement as you can get, but still everyone knows that if the game is successful there WILL be more. Capcom in particular is not shy about milking their franchises. Although name one company that really is?

Here are two recent gameplay videos of Spyborgs from Comic-Con 2009.

Via GoNintendo


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