Dante’s Inferno comic books coming from DC

22 July 2009
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Dante's Inferno box artworkDante’s Inferno is being made into a comic book series thanks to DC Comics whom publisher EA has partnered with. This isn’t a new thing for EA, who also partnered with DC Comics to create Dead Space comics.

The comic books are being adapted by two former Marvel Comics writers, X-Men writer Christos Gage and Incredible Hulk illustrator Diego Latorre and will run six issues. The first issue will go on sale in December 2009. Although if you are at Comic Con 2009 this week you can get a sneak preview.

The Dante’s Inferno comic will follow the storyline of the Dante’s Inferno game, which is itself inspired by Dante Alighieri’s epic 14th Century poem, The Divine Comedy. All three tell the story of the descent through the nine circles of Hell–limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, violence, heresy, fraud, and treachery–where sinners’ souls suffer for all eternity. Rather than a passive visitor, the game and comic reimagine Dante as a fierce scythe-wielding warrior who must slay all manner of demonic creatures to rescue his ladylove Beatrice, who is featured more prominently in the comic.

Comic books and videogames aren’t the only media to be whacked by the Dante’s Inferno stick either, as a Dante’s Inferno animated film and live-action movie are also in the works.


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