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8 July 2009
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Free fighting game Vanguard Princess PC screenshot from ex-Capcom employee Tomoaki Sugeno
In the mood for a free fighting game? Then Vanguard Princess is right up your alley!

Supposedly developed by an ex-Capcom staff member named Tomoaki Sugeno (though this hasn’t been confirmed), Vanguard Princess is an all-girl loli/Doujin/homebrew 2D fighting game completely created by Sugeno himself.

Download Vanguard Princess for free to get your anime-girl-fight on!

The game makes use of assist support characters and “old-skool mechanism” fighting (whatever that means) to create a smooth, high-quality fighting game experience that feels more like a retail product than a freeware title. It was developed using the Japanese-only Fighter Maker 2nd fighting engine (similar to MUGEN but with more support and possibilities).

Here is a trailer of the game in action. Hopefully someone will release it for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare! Because it looks beautiful!

Here are the specs need to run the game:

Operating System?Microsoft – Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Japanese Edition (or Japanese Locale).
CPU Pentium III 400MHz.
Memory 128MB.
HDD 400MB Free Space,DirectX 7 required.

You will also need to do this:

Vanguard Princess artwork from free PC fighting game by Tomoaki Sugeno“Vanguard Princess NEEDS the Windows regional configuration for non-unicode programs in Japanese in order for it to work. To enable this, go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Settings -> Administrative -> Then change the Unicode language to Japanese. Some people also tested the game with AppLocale or NTLEA which works on some occasions but with some bugs like unreadable fonts or no music. Also running the game on the root of C:\ seems to randomly work.”

Here is a list of the characters and assist characters thanks to Shoryuken:

Main character: Yui Kutuna
Girl with magic stick: Haruka Kutuna
Loli grappler: Lilith
Boobs+Guns: Luna Himeki
Loli in yellow clothes: Kurumi Mirumati
Sword girl with blue hair: Saki Mitonoya
Sort-of-Ninja girl with dwelled clothes: Kaede Hioh
Mecha girl: Natalia Glinka
Loli with fighting sticks: Eri Hasumi
Bow girl: Ayane Ikuse
Final Boss: Hilda

Assists Characters:

Magical assist girl: Kanae
Robot assist girl: Ciela
Boxer assist girl: Eko
Ball-and-chain assist girl: Juliet


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