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3 July 2009
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TMNT: Smash Up character artwork banner
15 playable TMNT: Smash Up characters have been confirmed for the roster of the upcoming Wii-exclusive fighting game/brawler that plays similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It will be released in North America on September 22nd and in Europe on September 25th, 2009.

In the game players will battle on interactive, stages that feature many environmental hazards and interactive elements, from gushing water that will push you off-stage to swingable poles. Each character has their own unique moves and attacks. The game is not based on a previous Turtles license which gives the developers liberty to draw from all previous Turtles material. The storyline meanwhile is being penned by TMNT co-creator Peter Laird.

The list of playable characters:

1. April O’Neil (Voiced by Veronica Taylor)
2. Casey Jones (Voiced by Marc Thompson)
3. Donatello (Voiced by Sam Riegel)
4. Foot Ninja
5. Fugitoid (Voiced by Oliver Wyman)
6. Karai (Voiced by Karen Neil)
7. Leonardo (Voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas)
8. Master Splinter (Voiced by Darren Dunstan)
9. Michelangelo (Voiced by Vinnie Penna)
10. Nightwatcher (Voiced by Greg Abbey)
11. Raphael (Voiced by Greg Abbey)
12. Raving Rabbid (Voiced by Yoann Perier)
13. Shredder (Voiced by Scottie Ray)
14. Splinter Cell Rabbid (Voiced by Yoann Perier)
15. Utrominator

The most wanted characters:

* Bebop
* Rocksteady
* Krang
* Super Shredder
* Slash
* Baxter Stockman
* Metalhead
* Usagi Yojimbo
* General Traag
* Leatherhead
* Tokka
* Rahzar
* The Rat King
* Who do you want to see added as a playable character?

Here is a LIVE video of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up in action.

As the game draws closer to release we’ll update this list with confirmed characters. — Last updated on July 26 with Nightwatcher, Karai & Fugitoid.


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