Asteroids: The Movie rights now in Universal’s hands

Asteroids: The Movie is coming. This screenshot shows how awesome it will be.
Asteroids: The Movie is coming. No that is not a typo. Yes a movie is being created based on the arcade classic “Asteroids“. We do not joke.

What’s even more interesting about this dubiousness, is the fact that several studios (four in fact) had a bidding war over the rights to make the classic game into a movie! Of those studios bidding for the chance to make a movie about blowing up asteroids with a spaceship, Universal Studios emerged as the winner.

The script for the film is to be written by Matthew Lopez (Disney films Escape to Witch Mountain and Bedtime Stories and the upcoming The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra).

Now we just gotta wait for the Hollywood films of Pac-Man, Pong, Qix, Galaga and Q-Bert! — Via ArsTechnica

Update: Asteroids producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talks about the movie: “I was attracted to Asteroids, plain and simple, because I think what it tells you is that there’s going to be this big thing in space. We’ve crafted a really strong, deep mythology for the thing. Without divulging too much about it, it’s two lead characters — two brothers — who have to go through a seminal experience to figure out their relationship, against this huge backdrop.”