Uncharted 2 includes over 90 minutes of cutscenes

2 July 2009
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Uncharted 2 will include over 90 minutes of cinematics!
Do you like your games with cinematic storytelling? If so you won’t want to miss Uncharted 2, because it will contain over 90 minutes of cinematic cut-scenes!

Of course, if you are a fan of storytelling in games, then chances are you have already become a fan of the first Uncharted and are highly anticipating this titan of a sequel.

Which will be even more story-focused than the first game, if you can believe it. To quote the developer:

“The single player campaign is definitely going to be longer than Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. We have over 90 minutes of cinematics alone! And of course we have the competitve and co-op multiplayer modes too! For me, it’s the overall cinematic presentation and the quality of storytelling we’ve been able to achieve. It’s really a tribute to everyone’s efforts, because all elements of the game have to come together to create a really seamless cinematic experience. We’re always striving to push the envelope and break new ground in cinematic storytelling, so it’s been really gratifying to see how excited people are about this aspect of the game.”

That makes me even more excited for this game, cause it already looked awesome as heck! Uncharted 2 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will be released this November.

Quotes courtesy of PlayStation Blog, who had a Q&A with the developer in which the above was stated. More info about the cutscenes can also be found in these Uncharted 2 voice actor video interviews.


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