God Eater PSP Monster Hunter-style game announced by Namco Bandai

God Eater PSP screenshot
Namco Bandai has announced God Eater, an all-new PSP-exclusive RPG that follows in the footsteps, and some would say walks in the footsteps, of Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series.

This new “collection” game depicts a struggle between the Aragami, divine creatures who have attacked the planet, and the “God Eaters”, who seek to take them down. To that end, players use a divine set of weaponry called “Dues Ex Machina” that sucks the lifesource from the Aragami and converts them to your side.

Doing this also powers up their offense, allowing you to change your weapon from blade to gun to a powerful “predator form.”

Namco doesn’t seem to mind that their new game is a cash-in on the Monster Hunter craze that has taken Japan by storm, but they also point out that their game is apparently “much faster paced” than Monster Hunter.

So far God Eater has only been announced for Japan.

Via 1UP, find the game’s Famitsu scans over at Wiieveryday.