Battle Fantasia unlockables guide (Xbox 360)

Battle Fantasia wallpaper
This is a guide to the unlockables in the fighting game Battle Fantasia by Arc System Works of Guilty Gear fame. In North America the game is available on Xbox 360 but will be released for the PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title this Fall.

How to unlock “The End of the Deathbringer” secret character
To unlock this hidden character you must complete the game 100% by beating it with every character in Story Mode. Once that is done, you can select “The End of Deathbringer” by highlighting Deathbringer on the Character Select screen, holding the L Button and pressing the A Button. This character is only available to play as in 2 Player Versus, VS CPU and Practice modes.

How to unlock extra costumes
There are two hidden outfits for each character in Battle Fantasia. They are unlockable by completing the Story Mode for that character. You will unlock the first costume as soon as you have completed 50% of the story mode. Completing 90% will unlock the second costume.

How to reach alternate paths in the Story Mode
There are several paths you can take through the Story Mode in Battle Fantasia. Here is how to get the alternate path for the characters.

Asley’s Alternate Path – Complete one Taunt against Coyori.
Cedric’s Alternate Path – Adjust your glasses five times against Marco. To do this press qcb+Taunt.
Coyori’s Alternate Path – Throw Freed at least five times.
Deathbringer’s Alternate Path – Finish Watson with Final Inferno.
Dokurod’s Alternate Path – Taunt after defeating Coyori.
Donvalve’s Alternate Path – Use Hip-de-don at least once against Coyori, and finish with a Super.
Face’s Alternate Path – Use Texas Knee at least five times against Urs.
Freed’s Alternate Path – Use Magnum Jetter at least five times against Marco.
Marco’s Alternate Path – Finish Olivia with Dyna Rush.
Olivia’s Alternate Path – Hit Coyori with a D attack (not Special or Super) at least ten times, and finish the match with one.
Urs’s Alternate Path – Win by timeout over Olivia.
Watson’s Alternate Path – Finish Cedric with Hip-de-Bunny.

How to earn the 50 Point Combo Achievement with Coyori
Here is a video of someone demonstrating how to get the 50 Point Combo Achievement with Coyori.

Last but not least, here is a video of the game in action.