Sega celebrates Sonic’s 18th birthday

24 June 2009
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Sonic 18th b-day winnable swag!
Sonic the Hedgehog is a ripe blue youngster at age 18! And to celebrate the Blue Blur’s transition into adulthood, Sega is giving away a metric TON of swag via Twitter and Facebook contests.

Read below for the full details on what you can win and how to enter the contests for what you see in the beautifully cluttered picture above.

How to enter on TWITTER

Sega will announce which swag pack they are giving away and a special code phrase – e.g “Knuckles The Echidna Rocks!”, you’ll then have to REPLY to them with the code phrase – so basically you’d tweet @sonicgames Knuckles The Echidna Rocks!

In order to help those who don’t have lightning fast connections Sega will often specify that a specific response (the 5th, 8th, 15th, etc) will win the prize. They then will repeat the process until all the swag packs are taken.

All items are worldwide unless specified.

How to enter on FACEBOOK

To be in with a chance of winning on Facebook, you need to become a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog on Facebook – From about 11am UK time, June 23rd Sega will announce which swag pack we are giving away and then ask for wall posts/comments on a topic of our choosing. The best comment in our opinion after approximately 30 mins will win the prize. They’ll continue until we run out of prizes.

Note: I am a bit late but they are still giving out a few prizes as I type this, so hurry up and enter!


Visit Sonic’s Twitter page.

NiGHTS Cameo Pack – NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams Soundtrack Sampler & SEGA Circular Keyring
Summer Of Sonic T-Shirt (L) – Its the last one I have from the 2008 Sonic Convention.
Sonic 3 360 Marketplace Redemption Code
Sonic Chronicles Pack: Archie’s Sonic The Hedgehog Comic – #191 and Sonic Chronicles DS Tin (UK version)
Sonic Christmas Chaos Pack – Sonic Chocolate Advent Calender (chocs are still good before you ask!) and SEGA Circular Keyring
Sonic X Kids Pack – Cream Mini-Plush Toy, MatchBox Convoy Rig and Sonic X Kid’s Toothbrush
Mario & Sonic Prize Pack 1 – M&S Summer A3 Poster and Enamel Pin Badge
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Pack – SR:ZG T-shirt (L) and Sticker Set
The Old & The New Pack – Sonic Unleashed (PS2) & SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (360) – EUROPE/PAL ONLY

Visit Sonic’s Facebook page.

SEGA Stationary Pack – SEGA Writing Block, Post-It Block & SEGA Circular Keyring
Sonic 06 Pack – Sonic 06 Mug & Sonic Kids T-Shirt (M) – Kind of peculiar one this one as it has the Sonic 06 logo and the SatSR artworks – but with the ring whited out!
Super PS3 Unleashed DLC Pack – Redeemable PS3 DLC Codes for Apotos, Holoska, Chun-Nan & Spagonia
Sonic Rush Adventure Pack – Sonic Rush Adventure, Skull & Crossbones T-Shirt (M) and Compass Keyring
Mario & Sonic Prize Pack 2 – M&S Summer A3 Poster, Enamel Pin Badge & Red M&S Tracksuit (S)
Sonic & The Secret Rings Pack – SatSR T-Shirt Signed By Sonic Team Members and SatSR Sountrack Sampler


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