Official Dragon Ball: Raging Blast character list

23 June 2009
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Goku hits Frieza where it hurts in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
The complete Dragon Ball: Raging Blast cast will consist out of 43 characters (77 including transformations, so far) have been revealed, like Goku, Frieza, Cell, Videl, Broly and Future Trunks. Below is a full list for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Budokai Tenkaichi fighting game coming to the U.S. on November 10th, 2009, to Europe on the 13th, and to Australia on the 19th. A Dragon Ball: Raging Blast demo is available on Xbox Live and the U.S. PSN.

When you click on each Dragon Ball: Raging Blast character’s name below, where available, a window will pop up with their picture or video.

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  • The playable characters list (with transformations):
    1. Android #16
    2. Android #17Unlockable by beating the “Android #17 vs. The New Piccolo” mission.
    3. Android #18Unlockable by beating the “Cute and Powerful?! Android #18 Has No Weakness” mission.
    4. Android #19
    5. Android #20 AKA Dr. Gero
    6. Bardock
    7. Broly (SSJ, Legendary Super Saiyan) — Unlockable by beating the “Freedom!” mission.
    8. Super Saiyan 3 Broly (game-exclusive) — Unlockable by spending 20 stars on the ‘What If’ mission titled “Legendary Super Saiyan Reborn” (The Shop is in the Edit Deck under Super Customize) and then beating it, OR by using your pre-order code.
    9. Burter
    10. Buu AKA Fat Buu AKA Majin Buu
    11. Kid BuuUnlockable by beating the “Buu Advances! Final Battle on the Supreme Kai’s World” mission.
    12. Super Buu (with Gotenks absorbed, with Gohan absorbed))
    13. Captain Ginyu
    14. Cell (Imperfect, Semi-Perfect, Perfect, Super Perfect)
    15. Chiaotzu
    16. Dodoria
    17. Frieza (1st Form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, Final Form, 100% Final Form)
    18. Future Trunks (SSJ, Ultra Super Saiyan) — Unlockable by beating the “Vegeta Shocked! Kid Trunks’ Explosive Power” mission.
    19. Future Trunks with Sword (SSJ) — Unlockable by beating the “Hey! Been a While… Goku’s Return, and The Mysterious Boy” mission.
    20. Kid Trunks (SSJ)
    21. Gogeta (SSJ) — Unlockable by beating the “Fusion & Potara Part 1: Super Gogeta” mission.
    22. Kid Gohan
    23. Teen Gohan (SSJ, SSJ2)
    24. Gohan (SSJ, SSJ2, Great Saiyaman?, Ultimate Gohan?)
    25. Goku (SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3)
    26. Goten (SSJ) — Unlockable by beating the “Gohan Amazed! Goten’s Explosive Power” mission.
    27. Gotenks (SSJ, SSJ3)
    28. Guldo
    29. Jeice
    30. Krillin
    31. Nappa
    32. Piccolo (Powerlevel from early 408 to late 180,000,000)
    33. Raditz
    34. Recoome
    35. Tien
    36. Vegeta with Scouter
    37. Vegeta (SSJ, Ascended Super Saiyan, SSJ2)
    38. Majin Vegeta (SSJ2) — Unlockable by beating the “Vegeta and Goku’s Fateful Confrontation!” mission.
    39. Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta (game-exclusive) — Unlockable by spending 20 stars on the ‘What If’ mission titled “The Strongest Super Saiyan 3” (The Shop is in the Edit Deck under Super Customize) and then beating it, OR by using your pre-order code.
    40. Vegito (SSJ) — Unlockable by beating the “Fusion & Potara Part 2: Super Vegito” mission.
    41. Videl — Unlockable by beating the “The Student” mission.
    42. Yamcha
    43. Zarbon (Transformation)

    Possibly returning characters are:
    * Bulma
    * Cell Jr.
    * Chi Chi
    * Cooler
    * Dabura
    * Hercule AKA Satan
    * King Kai
    * Master Roshi
    * Saibaman
    * Supreme Kai
    * Yajirobe
    Who else do you want to see added?

    Maybe this time there are 119 less characters — compared to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 — because of a character creator Atari hinted at years ago? Although with Namco Bandai now publishing that seems unlikely.

    The game will have fully destructible environments and HD graphics, as this trailer shows.

    The listed characters that don’t have pictures linked yet, appear in this new trailer…

    … or show up in this almost complete scan of the Japanese roster:
    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast roster scan
    While there are no characters to add to this list anymore, Namco Bandai are releasing existing character packs for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast as downloadable content for free on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store.

    Thanks to Vin, DBZRB Fan 3000, SsjVegeta24, Archun, Ian, Broly, DBRB and Zero for helping with the list.

    Update: With the game now available, let’s start exchanging Xbox Live gamertags and PlayStation Network IDs. The below list will make it easier for everyone to fight against fellow fans.


    1. Mr Milan96 (Xbox 360)
    2. Z-Fighter14 (PS3)
    3. Ninja_on_disco (PS3)
    4. xCBx Urahara 14 (Xbox 360)
    5. Strife2010 (PS3)
    6. Freeze boi (Xbox 360)
    7. SSR OmegaZ (Xbox 360)
    8. sprayedpaint22 (PS3)
    9. Kirphy (PS3)
    10. reckless56one (Xbox 360)
    11. Reasons2Kill1 (PS3)
    12. Mr_Strife (PS3)
    13. INDIEcisivevyle (Xbox 360)
    14. ROTTERDAMZZUID010 (Xbox 360?)
    15. kburTsON (PS3)
    16. Terrell5 (Xbox 360)
    17. demetridaniels (PS3)
    18. MDubb4465 (PS3)
    19. MXR5150 (Xbox 360)
    20. niza2008 (PS3)
    21. headwing45 (PS3)
    22. luigy_88 (PS3)
    23. C9316 (Xbox 360)
    24. lunacris282 (PS3)
    25. Moll88 (PS3)
    26. Krylancelo1001 (Xbox 360)
    27. steven1191 (PS3)
    28. [Oh Ning Yooh] (Xbox 360)
    29. erny123 (PS3)
    30. destroyer56 (PS3)
    31. theghcris (PS3)
    32. xI Rex Rgis Ix (Xbox 360)
    33. gambit570 (PS3)
    34. SaiyanPrid3 (Xbox 360?)
    35. Birdo8 (Xbox 360?)
    36. amofeez (PS3)
    37. itachi-dono (PS3)
    38. CKYFAN 08 (Xbox 360)
    39. IshmaelDante (PS3)
    40. IX MATTZKILL XI (Xbox 360)
    41. V1ctoreem (PS3)
    42. jupiter tengu (Xbox 360)
    43. Jonandu (PS3)
    44. sasukeuchiha800 (PS3)
    45. Damaris_Anderson (PS3)
    46. KingTrentus2007 (PS3)
    47. saveddemo (Xbox 360)
    48. idhcgtnaruto (PS3)
    49. pein_123 (PS3)
    50. hondapre4340 (Xbox 360?)
    51. VegetaSSjd10 (PS3)
    52. ndizihiwek (PS3)
    53. kefert (PS3 on Christmas Day)
    54. rachetshot (PS3)
    55. Saiyan13Z (PS3 on Christmas Day)
    56. XxM 3 R C Y (Xbox360)
    57. RayneMan 44 (Xbox 360)
    58. xCBx Urahara 14 or constantine (Xbox 360?)
    59. AzN SnYpEz (Xbox 360)
    60. kid J star (Xbox 360)
    61. BIGbean (Xbox 360?)
    62. StormAli64 (PS3)
    63. sonda3 (PS3)
    64. BuckshotBrian24 (Xbox 360)
    65. Daos Requiem (Xbox 360)
    66. J8V N1ck oTIn (Xbox 360)
    67. Soll-E (PS3)
    68. AnthonyWitkowski (Xbox 360?)
    69. Snipahwolfe X4 (Xbox 360)
    70. Heatblast707 (PS3)
    71. java456 (Xbox 360?)
    72. zero_1343 (PS3)
    73. Bob kill777 (Xbox 360)
    74. ashman12 (Xbox 360?)
    75. kingtute6 (PS3)
    76. scottyk2390 (Xbox 360)
    77. ekkla85 (PS3)
    78. SaiyanEliteSS4 (Xbox 360)
    79. GACKTno1fan (PS3)
    80. SF_ Banshee020208 (PS3)
    81. HyugaByakugan (Xbox 360)
    82. Rokayo (PS3)
    83. panteroc (PS3)
    84. Rambo220 (Xbox 360)
    85. Resheth (PS3)
    86. smizzle surf (Xbox 360)
    87. slipperydog (Xbox 360)
    88. DeySmoove (PS3)
    89. Dominus Dolor (Xbox 360)
    90. Shep_Cro (PS3)
    91. a weak noob (Xbox 360)
    92. HOT_GRYTZ (PS3)
    93. Stl Saiyan (Xbox 360)
    94. Moumoku No Kenshi (Xbox 360)
    95. Sk1llsz (PS3)
    96. BurdenedBlaze (Xbox 360)
    97. XVECTSX (Xbox 360)
    98. richard020 (PS3)
    99. komeka (PS3)
    100. Matteeispro (PS3)
    101. Nihilos13 (PS3)
    102. demian12345 (PS3)

    Leave your own gamertag or ID (and console) in the comments to be added!


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