Kratos and Dampierre join Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny cast

18 June 2009
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Kratos in Soul Calibur: Broken DestinyThe latest Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny video shows the new Soul Calibur PSP game that’s set for release this summer, as an exclusive in fact.

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny is a handheld follow-up to the Soul Calibur 4 console game. It will feature arcade, versus and survival modes. It will also offer a single-player mode which will function as an enhanced tutorial mode.

God of War’s main character Kratos joins the epic tale of souls and swords, in order to replace the missing Star Wars guest characters that are absent from the Soul Calibur 4 roster.

There’s also a new original character revealed by Namco Bandai for the SoulCalibur universe called Dampierre, you’ll recognize this eccentric newcomer by his impressive mustache and wristblades.

Watch this trailer for their character unveilings:


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