The Sims 3 sells 1.4 million times in its first week

I'm glad all you 1.4 million people want to join me on my toilet-cleaning adventure! LET'S CLEAN!
The Sims 3 is off to an astounding start. The PC sequel has sold 1.4 million copies in only its first week on store shelves; Further cementing the popular people simulation series as one to be reckoned with.

Those numbers mark the best-selling PC launch in EA’s history, if you can believe it. This is especially good news for the publisher given the fact that the game had appeared on piracy websites two weeks before its release. Regardless interest remained high in the game and its strong sales numbers reflect that. The sales numbers include both the PC and Mac SKUs.

Additionally EA announced that over 7 million downloadable pieces of player-created content have been recorded for the launch week. Also an incredibly high number.

“With more than a dozen press awards, strong reviewer scores and positive feedback from The Sims community, we are thrilled with the success of The Sims 3 launch and the early sales indicate that we have another hit on our hands,” said EA Play Label head Rod Humble.

“The volume of items created with The Sims 3 and downloaded online is a testament to how passionate The Sims players are. It’s their world now, we can’t wait to see everything players create and share.”

According to EA, the iPhone and iPod Touch version of The Sims 3 have seen similar success, reaching the number one spot in the Top Paid App list in the US within 18 hours.

“The game’s sales success along with its strong critical acclaim demonstrates that The Sims 3 mobile experience is a worldwide hit with our customers,” said EA Mobile VP of worldwide publishing Adam Sussman.