Max Payne 3 detailed in latest Game Informer

Max Payne 3 screenshot from Game Informer
Some new Max Payne 3 details have leaked from the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. which features Max Payne 3 as it’s cover story.

The game will apparently (if the leaked info is true, which it certainly seems to be) have titilur hero Max Payne living in the skids of Sao Paulo, Brazil where he is addicted to pain killers. These pills will apparently effect how the game plays. The game will naturally see the return of Bullet Time and include lots of battles with hoodlums within the slums of Brazil.

Graphically the game looks pretty good as you can see from the screenshot above, with comparisons to Uncharted 2. Rockstar is using a new animation system along with their RAGE engine and Game Informer notes that the game features “vibrant colors and fully destructible environments”.

Max Payne 3 is being developed by Rockstar Vancouver (instead of Remedy who developed the previous games) and will release this year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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