Final Fantasy XIV Online wallpaper from concept art

Final Fantasy XIV Online wallpaper from concept artwork
One of the most surprising reveals of E3 2009 would definitely have to be Final Fantasy XIV Online, a game that no one thought was coming. Even though we knew another MMO was in the works and that it would be the follow-up to FFXI.

And although no gameplay footage was shown (at least, we think), the game definitely looked very pretty.

And it looks even more so in the game’s awesome and detailed concept art. Which makes for excellent desktop wallpaper. It’s drawn by artist Kazuya Takahashi. And here is an even larger high quality piece of the Final Fantasy XIV Online concept art wallpaper (warning, it’s a massive 3000 x 779 resolution).

The game is coming next year for PC and PS3.

And in case you missed it, here is the reveal trailer for the game.

Via Kotaku