Spyborgs revamped into a DMC-R&C action-oriented Wii title

Spyborgs screenshot
The Wii-exclusive Spyborgs action / beat ’em up game is self-described by the developers at Capcom as “Ratchet & Clank meets Devil May Cry”. The reason for that being that all the leads on the team are from the Ratchet & Clank series, and it looks like Capcom’s other stylish action-brawler Devil May Cry.

In the game players jump between the identities of a team of five bionic superspies or play in 2-player co-op to combat a rogue squad of wacky, dysfunctional super villains. Each character has unique powers to match their super-spy skills, such as heavy firepower, martial arts, bladed weaponry, acrobatic skateboarding skills or pure robotic destruction. This cast of characters may make a misfit group individually, but by utilizing them as a team, the Spyborgs will have the power to save the world – if they don’t blow themselves up first! Spyborgs’ tongue-in-cheek action and compelling interactive cartoon theme keeps players engaged from the first episode to the last with one of the most fun and entertaining games to be developed for the Wii system.

New info from E3 2009 reveals the game:

  • Has 35 stages in the main game; you can replay it with your characters fully upgraded,
  • Includes a Medals system similar to Achievements / Trophies; used to unlock additional modes and bonus content like concept art / developer documentaries,
  • Is set for a Fall 2009 release; unless they add Wii MotionPlus support, then it takes 2-3 more months until late 2009 to finish,
  • Is offline focussed for the 2-player experience; at least for Spyborgs 1.
  • The creators are “aiming to deliver huge cinematic action sequences to the Wii that gamers are used to seeing on the Xbox 360 and PS3,” as you can see in this 15-minute Spyborgs stage demo.