Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver come with PokeWalker in Japan

15 June 2009
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The PokeWalker which ships with Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
The PokeWalker is the name of a newest accessory in the Pokemon universe. Revealed on the latest episode of the Japanese Pokémon Sunday TV show.

Pokewalker is a walking meter device that looks like a Pokeball with a little screen and three buttons, it will ship with Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver in Japan and allows you to train your Pokemon even when you aren’t playing the game by walking!

Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver ScreenshotThat’s right. Using the infrared port on the Nintendo DS, you can transfer Pokemon to and from the PokeWalker. Then when you aren’t actually playing Pokemon, say while you are at school or work, you can simply stick the walker in your pocket and your Pokemon will gain experience as you walk around!

In addition, its affection will grow for you as you walk and your footsteps are translated into “watts”, which you can use to catch wild Pokemon and search for tools that you can find using the PokeWalker and send back to your core game in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Combining collecting Pokemon with physical activity? Sounds like a definite win-win to me. I always need more motivation to get me walking, and this type of thing is definitely something that could do it.

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