Your Shape camera-enabled fitness game coming to Wii. Release date is November 2, 2009

Your Shape on Wii During Ubisoft’s E3 2009 press conference they announced their new Wii fitness game called Your Shape, plus a new motion sensing camera that will come packaged with the game when it’s released on November 2nd, 2009, in America.

The Your Shape camera that comes with the game will, using proprietary fitness tracking technology, scan your body, giving you a full body shape analysis. Hence the game’s title. The game combines that analysis with the results of your fitness test and your goals to create a personalized fitness program to help you meet your goals (you can choose what areas to tone or where weight should be lost) as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Unlike any other fitness product, when you begin your workout, the camera projects your image onto the TV. Because the camera tracks your movements, your coach can give you real-time input on how you’re doing and advice on how to do it better.

You won’t have to hold a controller as you work out, leaving your hands free to focus on the exercises. In fact, the game encourages you to incorporate your own exercise equipment (weights, balance ball, etc). Just tell the game what kind of exercise equipment you have at home, and your coach will add it to your personal workout. No other Wii fitness product provides this level of personalization and interactivity while leaving your hands free.

Watch the Your Shape debut trailer:

Other game features include:

  • Fun and Motivational:
    — Choose from 6 color schemes and over 75 music tracks;
    — You’re never alone. Your coach is with you the entire time, encouraging you and pushing you to do your best;
    — As you exercise, the game regularly displays how many calories you’re burning, giving you the motivation to keep up the good work!
  • More Exercises Than Any Other Fitness Game – Compared to 25 exercises in EA Sports Active, and less than 50 exercises in Wii Fit, Your Shape’s 480+ exercises blow away the competition. The incredible breadth of exercises means a more focused and personalized workout. Plus, you’re workout will change regularly, ensuring you’re never bored. Exercises include Cardio, Strength training, Flexibility, and Yoga.
  • Track Your Progress – Watch yourself succeed with the progress tracker – check it as often as you like to see how much you’ve achieved.