MySims Racing cheats (Wii)

MySims Racing Wii screenshot
These MySims Racing cheats and codes will help you race to the finish line more quickly, with unlockable car parts, in the Wii racer from Electronic Arts.

Go into cheat mode:

Cheat mode is where you have to enter the below listed cheat codes. You can find it by going from the main menu, select “Extras”, then “Cheats” where you can select the checkmark to enter the code into. Once a code has been entered, a message will appear telling you that a new car part has been unlocked. Go to “Story Mode” and enter the garage to eqip your new car part.

Effect — Code to enter:

  • Unlocks Hoistein (Hood Ornament) — 36mj5v
  • Unlocks Mega Spoiler (Rear Accessory) — k4c2sn