Line Attack Heroes announced for Wii by Nintendo. 4-player co-op game

4 June 2009
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Line Attack Heroes Wii screenshot
Nintendo just announced that Line Attack Heroes, a colorful Wii action game, is coming to America. It’s in development at Grezzo Games, a studio founded by former Square Enix developer Koichi Ishii (Final Fantasy XI director, Mana series producer).

Line Attack Heroes is a fast-paced, melee action game for the Wii that requires quick thinking and smart strategy. Players command a line of fierce warriors who launch an attack with a flick of the Wii Remote controller.

Line Attack Heroes Wii picture

Key features include:

  • Players are on a quest to discover the missing pieces of a dragon statue. Along the way they encounter a variety of enemies who have different attack techniques.
  • When enemies are conquered, they become a part of the main character’s attack line and impart their abilities to him.
  • Players must use different attack strategies to conquer the various bosses. For example, one attack sends the line of warriors spinning toward enemies in “crack the whip” fashion while another shoots them all forward in a straight line. Line Attack Heroes requires players to think fast and strategize when choosing their heroes and assigning their formations.
  • Up to four players can compete or cooperate in multiplayer mode.
  • The brilliantly detailed and colorful design of the game showcases a number of interesting stages, including a kabuki theater and a magical land.
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