ModNation Racers announced as PS3-exclusive

ModNation Racers racetrack creation screenshot
ModNation Racers was revealed as a PS3 exclusive racing game from developer United Front Games as the newest title with the tagline “Play. Create. Share” that was first used with LittleBigPlanet.

The game looks to do what LittleBigPlanet did for platformers and apply it to a kart racer! In ModNation Racers, players are empowered to personalize the entire game, from the characters and cars to the tracks themselves!

According to the developers,
“Vinyl art & collector toys were an inspiration for us as we set out to create a game about creativity and self expression. It was in this spirit of creativity that we developed our character, kart and track editors. We wanted to give the user the ability to make whatever they wanted, but do so in a way that felt like playing and not working. For example, you just drive and the track is created behind you, so it’s intuitive and fun.

An expression that came up early in development was “anonymity to superstardom”, which is exactly how we want the user to feel. You create your ideal character, kart or track, then upload and share it with the world. Next thing you know, you’re ranked as one of the top designers in the ModNation community!”

This game truly looks amazing and very intuitive and easy to use! Just like LittleBigPlanet!

Learn much more about the game in these videos.

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