Sony E3 2009 press conference roundup: Final Fantasy XIV: Online, The Last Guardian, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, GT5, Agent, ModNation Racers, Resident Evil PSP, and PS3 Motion Controller confirmed

The Sony E3 2009 press conference was held today and showed off a ton of new footage and some new game announcements for the PlayStation platforms.

E3 Expo logo Here’s a list of the keynotes:

  • PS2 outsold next gen systems in April 2009. Sony is committed to the PS2 which is in its 9th year as long as players keep supporting it. More than 2,000 titles available. Over 122 titles for PS2 including some of the biggest titles. Today’s PS2 users ultimately PS3 users. 22 million PS3’s sold globally last year. Fiscal 2010 will be an increase of 13 million PS3’s, an increase of 30%. Latin America sales have nearly tripled. PlayStation Network grew to more than 24 million worldwide in 2008.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Naughty Dog has had a 15-year standard of pushing PlayStation products to their limits. Multiplayer beta starts tonight! Active cinematic experience unlike anything else out there.
  • MAG (Massive Action Game) demo shows 256 players can play it together online. Release date is Fall 2009.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines release date on PSP is November 10, 2009.
  • Kaz Hirai showed off the PSP Go handheld, he jokes it’s E3’s “worst kept secret.” While previous images showed it as having a black color, but his unit has a white color. At 249.95 Dollars (in America) and Euros (in Europe) on its worldwide release date on October 1, 2009.
  • The new Media Go application allows you to access all PlayStation Network media from your PC. Video delivery service will now be available on PSP just like on PS3. Allowing you to download movies directly to your PSP. A host of new networks joining the program. More content that is easier to get onto your PSP.
  • Kazunouri Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital came on stage to announce Gran Turismo PSP. Running at 60FPS on the PSP Go. It includes 800 cars, 35 tracks and 46 variations of those tracks. Mission challenge mode including legacy license mode. Up to 4 players can race together online. Car swapping is allowed between garages. Focus on getting together with friends to race and exchange cars.
  • Hideo Kojima came on stage to announce Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP. Story takes place 10 years after MGS3 in the 1970’s. It’s the true sequel of the Metal Gear franchise. Hideo produces the game and will write the script along with the main MGS4 team developing, it’s not a spin-off. Takes place in Costa Rica with 4 Solid Snake clones. Release date in 2010.
  • Resident Evil PSP-exclusive original title announced from Capcom for release in 2010.
  • PlayStation Network now has 24 million registered users in 55 countries. More than 475 million pieces of content downloaded. 90 exclusives titles online. 50 PS1 classics being added to the Store in 2009. Final Fantasy VII will be available today.
  • Home has gathered 6.5 million users worldwide after launching six months ago. Jack Tretton claims 85% are return users.
  • Agent game from Rockstar announced exclusively for PS3.
  • Patrice Desilets came on stage to demo Assassin’s Creed II. Desmond is back and this time he uses the Animus to visit an ancestor (Etzio) in the Renaissance. Leonardo Davinci’s flying machine is used to fly around the city of Venice, using the fires around the city to keep afloat. The double blade is used to assassinate two enemies at the same time. 30 weapons in the game. Assassin’s Creed: Bloodline unlockable exclusive weapon available in AC2 when you hook up your PSP to the PS3. Release date for both AC games is Holiday 2009.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Online announced as a PS3 exclusive! Megaton! Release date in 2010.
  • PS3 Motion Controller prototype was shown to work together with the PlayStation Eye camera. Example includes holding Ratchet’s weapons in your hand and waving it around to strike enemies. Tech demo applications make it look like a mix between EyeToy games and the Wii Remote. Tracking is done at sub-millimeter precision. And movements are tracked everywhere and the software can correct for your changes, so everything stays playable. Release date in Spring 2010.
  • ModNation Racers announced exclusively for PS3 by developer United Front Games . A modern take on classic kart racing with powerups and expansive environments. It’s seen as the second in a series of user-generated content games that LittleBigPlanet started with on PS3. Customizable characters, cars, and tracks that you can create and share with everyone online. They created a track within 5 minutes. Release date in 2010.
  • The Last Guardian was announced as a PS3 exclusive. Previously known as Project TRICO, it’s the third title in the ICO trilogy. It was shown off for the first time, with a more detailed version of the previously leaked trailer.
  • Another PS3-exclusive, Gran Turismo 5 was shown for the first time in a trailer.
  • The first few minutes of gameplay were shown for the PS3-exclusive God of War III. Release date is March 2010.