The Grinder game announced for Wii. Supports: 4-player online co-op, MotionPlus, WiiSpeak

29 May 2009
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The Grinder Wii screenshot
High Voltage Software (HVS), makers of The Conduit, have pulled back the curtain on their newest first-person shooter for the Wii called The Grinder (an exclusive naturally).

The developers are going all out with The Grinder by offering an unprecedented amount of features for a Wii game including that takes Left 4 Dead head on:

* 4-player online cooperative play
* 4-player offline cooperative play
* WiiSpeak Microphone Support
* WiiMotion Plus support will most likely be included
* Characters with unique abilities
* RPG elements
* Dual-wielding
* Sword fighting
* Blood and gore
* Hordes of vampires, werewolves and zombies to slaughter!

The game simply looks beautiful and is by far one of my most anticipated Wii games after reading about the game.

For much more information on it check out IGN’s extensive The Grinder developer interview.


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