Killing Floor cheats and codes

20 May 2009
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Killing Floor screenshot
The Killing Floor PC video game has unlockable features. These cheat codes will let you unlock new modes like God Mode and show you how to fly and get Maximum Ammo and the like.

Go into cheat mode:

While playing the game, press the tilde key (which looks like ~ on your keyboard, it’s above the Tab key) to display the console window. Type the below listed codes in and hit enter to get the desired effect.

The code is followed by — Its effect on the game:

  • Allammo — Maximum ammunition.
  • setgravity # — Changes the gravity Ghost prevents players from being effected.
  • Ghost — Noclip/Fly Mode.
  • Walk — Disables Noclip.
  • Fly — Makes you float.
  • Slomo # — Sets Higher, the faster physics, (is disabled after zedtime).
  • god — Toggle god mode (Once for on, again for off).
  • Behindview 1 — Use (1) or (0) to enable/disable third person.
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