Wanted: Weapons of Fate cheats and codes. Characters to unlock

Wanted: Weapons of Fate on PC The Wanted: Weapons of Fate video game has unlockable characters, costumes, modes and items on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 versions. These cheats and tips will let you unlock new playable characters and show you how to get super weapons and infinite ammo and the like.

Go into cheat mode:

At the main menu, select the “Secret Codes” option, then enter the below codes to enable the cheats. To use a cheat in-game, pause the game, and enable it at the “Game Enhancements” menu. Note: If a cheat is enabled, the chapter you’re playing in won’t be available replay after you finished the whole game.

Unlock all Playable Characters & Costumes:

  • Wesley – Starting Outfit / Playable Through Story
  • Wesley Special Suit – Unlocked with Code 01100001
  • Wesley Special Suit without Mask – Unlocked with Code 01000011
  • Cross – Playable Through Story / Unlocked with Code 01010100
  • The Immortal – Beat the Game
  • The Original Spider – Beat the Spider Boss Battle
  • Janice – Unlocked with Code 01000100
  • Nightmare – Beat the game on Close Combat mode
  • Airplane Bodyguard – Beat the game on Headshot Mode / Unlocked with Code 01010111
  • Unlock extra Gameplay Modes & Items:

  • Cinematic Mode – Unlocked with Code 01110100
  • Close Combat Mode – Unlocked with Code 01100101
  • Health Improvement – Unlocked with Code 01001100
  • Infinite Aderanaline – Unlocked with Code 01101101
  • Infinite Ammo – Unlocked with Code 01101111
  • One Shot One Kill – Unlocked with Code 01110010
  • Super Weapons – Unlocked with Code 01001111
  • Headshot Mode – Unlocked with Code 01100111