Call of Duty movie and Guitar Hero TV show being considered by Activision. 34 million Guitar Hero songs downloaded

The future of reality TV (Guitar Hero TV show)

A Guitar Hero TV show and/or concert tour may be coming soon, as will a Call of Duty movie. Activision is in discussion regarding both future products according to a report by Reuters that cites “people familiar with the discussions”.

Speaking to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick on Thursday, Reuters got nothing on the film, but he did say Guitar Hero “might make for a good TV show or a good concert tour”. *hint* *hint*

Additionally, Activision Blizzard has announced that over 34 million songs have been purchased and downloaded for the Guitar Hero franchise. There has also been over 14 million pieces of user-created content that has been uploaded via Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Activision has also stated the obvious, the music game genre is so popular that they now consider it an “integral part of the their long term expansion plans” as stated in their Q1 earnings call.

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Update October 2009: Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling twittered the following comment: “First round of meetings in Paris wrapped. Grabbing lunch with Xavier Gens, director of the Hitman film while in town. Talking game films.