Batman: Arkham Asylum release date delayed till end of summer 2009. New combat trailer highlights moves

1 May 2009
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Batman is dismayed that Arkham Asylum is delayed

The highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum has officially been delayed from a release date of June 23rd to a vague “end of Summer 2009” in the U.S., announced Eidos, the game’s publisher.

Pre-Order Batman: Arkham Asylum on PS3The delay is in order to allow for more time to polish the game at Rocksteady Studios, the game’s developer. Which is always a good thing. Hopefully this will amount in the game being great instead of merely “good”, which has been my description of the game so far.

And that has been my opinion even given the awesome looking combat in this new “Freeform Combat” trailer in which you get to see a plethora of great-looking Batman moves highlighted. While that looks great, the voice acting needs some work and there’s just a look about it that kind of bugs me. But hopefully with more time in the cooker any issues can be ironed out.

Here is the Batman: Arkham Asylum Freeform Combat trailer.

The game still has yet to get a European release date by the way.

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