30 million Xbox 360s shipped worldwide

27 April 2009
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Xbox 360 Systems

Microsoft declared it’s quarterly earnings boasting $1.57 billion in revenue from the Xbox division and 30.2 million Xbox 360 units shipped worldwide.

Here is the numbers breakdown:

* Revenue for the 3rd quarter ending March 31st was $13.65 billion, a decline of 6% compared to last year.
* Net income for Microsoft was $2.98 billion, a decline of 32% compared to last year.
* The Xbox division saw a net loss of $31 million. This despite Xbox 360 sales of 1.7 million units being up by 30% compared to last year.
* The software attach rate has INCREASED to 8.3 titles per console along with 3.9 accessories per console.
* The Xbox 360 has passed the 30 million units milestone.

For more detailed numbers check out GameZine.


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