Why there’s no photography in Dead Rising Wii. Rejected pun titles listed

Pre-Order Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for WiiDead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is a Wii version of the hit Xbox 360 zombie-killing-spree action game released by Capcom. The game is scheduled for release on February 24th.

Although the game will be an enhanced version of the Xbox 360 game with new Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition-style controls, an over-the-shoulder camera, motion controls using the Wii Remote & Nunchucks built-in sensors, more accessibility and an easier difficulty (among other additions), the game will also be lacking some features and aspects of the Xbox 360 version.

The Wii version will be less impressive graphically although Capcom has said they can still fit 100 characters on the screen at once. One of the biggest loses though is the photo mode.

As Kotaku reports from the latest Bionic Commando podcast, Dead Rising Wii producer Minoru Nakai explains why the Wii version is missing the Photography element,

“This is a very different game, gameplay wise than the 360 version of Dead Rising. Another reason is the fact that the camera is quite different. In this version, the camera is very similar to what the players are used to in Resident Evil 4 — an over-the-shoulder camera that stays fairly tight behind Frank… [Photographing zombies] doesn’t work so well with the tighter camera we have in Dead Rising Wii. Another factor is that the zombies in Dead Rising Wii are quite a bit more aggressive, so it wouldn’t be nearly as easy for users to set this situations up [to take pictures of zombies]… You’re not going to have the extra time you need to set up these cool situations with the camera.”

He goes on to state that Capcom is trying to reach a much broader, more casual audience with this game than the Xbox 360 version, which is well known as being a very difficult, hardcore experience. He states that they didn’t think the photography element added much to the Wii version of the game (I’d dispute that given that Wii games like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Pokemon Snap allow players to take photos and send them to their Wii Dashboard and then from there send them to friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection). They also have increased the size of the text (which is super small and hard to read if you aren’t using an HDTV for the 360 version) to make the game more user-friendly.

Capcom also listed a bunch of rejected names for Dead Rising. Many of them are pretty funny given that this is a Japanese company trying to come up with good English names for the game (which obviously is not their native language).

Here is the list thanks to Kotaku:

Wicked Dead, Born In Hell, Hell’s Order, Scoop of the Dead, Paparazzi of the Dead, Shot of the Dead, Shoot and Shot, Run Over The Dead, Gluttonous The Zombies, Big Eater, Confidential, End Zone, A Shout Of A Soul, From Behind the Other World, From Darkside, Rock, Resistance, Apocalypse, Infection, Gateway, Sight, Not Found, Blackout, Escape, Code Zero, Exile, Zombie Report, Bad Report, Def Dead Time, Inferno, Dangerous Shopping, Escape From Shopping Mall, Shocking Shopping, Ten Days, X Days, Zombie Surround, Slow Stroller, The Besieged In A Mole [sp.], The Death’s Soul, Death Sentence, The Separated Soul, Revived Flesh, Hollow Eyes, Zombie Town SOS, Super Zombie Time, Panic Mall, Zombie Collector, Dead Town, Zombie Of America, Zombie Epidemic, Zombies, Man Eat, Scoop Snatcher, For Life, Photo Spirits, Journalist Spirits, Survive In A Mall, Isolation Town, Isolation Citiy [sp.], The Body Which Wriggles, Dead Bee, After Dying, Deadly, Defect, Fatal Defect, The Dead’s Ground, The End of Fair, The End of Practice, Bottom, Uneveryday, Did You See? I Saw, A Zombie’s Party, Days Of Being The Dead, Frank West, Deathrow, First Death, Death Gunners, Satan Bell, Zombee, More Beef Life, Change of Lifestyle, Zombi, Dead Mole [sp.], Zombie Shudder, Shutdown The Mall, Dead Easter, Scoop Boy, Libra Mall, Hell Mall.

Which rejected Dead Rising names are your favorite? I like “Dangerous Shopping” and “Man Eat”. :mrgreen: