Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box release on February 6, 2009. Normal edition price lowered to $20

Pre-Order Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

Electronic Arts has announced Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and, making its debut, PC with a release date of February 6th, 2009.

The Ultimate Box version is set to add all of the previous DLC out of the box, including the Codename: Cagney Pack, the Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack and the PlayStation Trophies Pack (PlayStation 3 only) as well as the all-new upcoming Burnout Paradise: Party Pack.

The Party Pack is custom-built for real-life parties where people are gathered around the TV screen and allows for 8-player play with one controller, where the gamepad is passed from one player to the next as each tries to complete unique challenges. Unlike previous modes this one is completely offline for a true party experience. The Party Pack will also be sold separately as Downloadable Content on February 5th.

Also on February 5th will be a FREE update for everyone day and date with the Party Pack. This free update includes the introduction of an all-new in-game web-site and in-game store, changes to the visuals, a few updates to existing game modes, updates to the entire vehicle dynamics system for easier vehicle control, a PS3-only social networking tool dubbed Burnout Paradise Network and, perhaps best of all, the oft-requested restart option for racing! All of these updates will be included in the Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box as well upon release.

And for those who don’t yet have the game, its price has recently been lowered to $19.95 by at least a few retailers including Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop.

Additionally, the game is also available for digital download directly to the PS3 via the PlayStation Network Store (though it’s full price) where Electronic Arts has noted that over 20,000 units of the PSN version have been sold.

And with this much free content and additional awesome updates being added all the time, there is NO EXCUSE to not pick this game up! Show your support!