Pokemon Black, White, Brown, Gray, Purple, Scarlet and Crimson trademarked by Nintendo

21 January 2009
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Pokemon Brown fake DS boxNintendo has filed and renewed a bunch of Pokemon, Nintendo DS and Wii-related patents in Japan that were just revealed to the public from the Japanese trademark database. The patents are not necessarily representative of any (mainly Pokemon) videogames in development, and may just be Nintendo protecting their brand by registering and claiming copyrights on all possible variations they deem fit for potential sequels.

I really like the Pokemon Black & White names, that could be their play on the Light & Dark world theme. Different colors like the original games do sound cool, but Pokemon Crimson & Scarlet sounds more like what Generation V would be.

Here are the most interesting game names:

2008-093265 [Pokemon Red]
2008-093266 [Pokemon Green]
2008-093267 [Pokemon Blue]
2008-093268 [Pokemon Yellow]
2008-093269 [Pokemon Black]
2008-093270 [Pokemon Brown]
2008-093271 [Pokemon White]
2008-093272 [Pokemon Gray]
2008-093273 [Pokemon Scarlet]
2008-093274 [Pokemon Purple]
2008-093275 [Pokemon Crimson]
2008-093276 [Pokemon Scarlet – written differently]
2008-092032 Nalaku
2008-092033 PiCOPiCT
2008-092034 WiiGoldenHandle
2008-092477 [DS Directional Sensor Card]
2008-092478 Takt Of Magic
2008-093236 [Asoberu Ehon/Tobida Sugoroku]

Translated from Japanese by Stormbringer, picture via VGboxart


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