Xbox 360 reaches 28 million units sold worldwide. 17 million users on Xbox Live

6 January 2009
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The Xbox 360 system from no hdd, to hdd, to Elite. Click for big pic

Microsoft has announced that their flagship console, the Xbox 360, has achieved sales of 28 million units worldwide.

To put the Xbox 360 sales numbers in comparison to Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3, the PS3 will need to sell around 8 million more console units to catch up to the Xbox 360 while Microsoft will still need to sell around 12 million MORE to reach Nintendo’s white-hot Wii console.

Either way these numbers have to be extremely pleasing to Microsoft, who’s system surged during the holidays.

As far as Microsoft’s online service, Xbox Live, is concerned, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live has reached 17 million users worldwide and that they have achieved sales of over $1 billion through the service.

Xbox Live offers a multitude of purchasable content using Microsoft Points that players buy for cash via the online store of the Xbox 360 known as the Xbox Live Marketplace. Included among them are rentable movies, additional downloadable content for video games that players own, full games that they can purchase and download in the Arcade portion of the service as well as video game demos and purchasable music videos, among other things such as free and paid themes and Gamer Pics.


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