Jagged Alliance 3 release date now falls in Q1 2010

6 January 2009
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Jagged Alliance 3 logoJagged Alliance 3 has been been in development at Akella and F3 Games since December 2006, as of October 2008 the turn-based tactics PC game was delayed from late 2008 to a Q1 2010 release date.

While it’s a nice preview, the game won’t look exactly like the trailer below, since this delay is because of publishers demand to improve graphics. So aside from the delay, it’s actually good news.

Jagged Alliance 3 trailer made for E3 2007:

Planned features include:
* Realistic damage models for characters and structures.
* Non-linear mission basis.
* Varying weather conditions.
* Co-op and multiplayer modes.
* Four different sides to choose from.

Read more in JACenter’s interview with F3 Games.


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