All Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe fatalities, brutalities and cheats to unlock secret characters

20 November 2008
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* Liu Kang’s Fatalities:

1. Mortal Kombat 1 Arcade Drop (sweep): Press Forward, Back, Down(2), A / Press Forward, Back, Down(2), X.
2. Head Stomp (one step away): Press Down(2), Forward, Down, B / Press Down(2), Forward, Down, Circle.

* Raiden’s Fatalities:

1. Ground Slam (close): Press Down, Forward, Down, Up, Y / Press Down, Forward, Down, Up, Triangle.
2. Electrocution (close): Press Back, Forward(2), Down, B / Press Back, Forward(2), Down, Circle.

* Scorpion’s Fatalities:

1. Toasty! (sweep): Press Down(3), B / Press Down(3), Circle.
2. Lava Pool (close): Press Forward(2), Back, Down, A / Press Forward(2), Back, Down, X.

* Shang Tsung’s Fatalities:

1. Back Breaker (close): Press Back, Down, Forward, A / Press Back, Down, Forward, X.
2. Morph (close): Press Down(2), Forward(2), Y / Press Down(2), Forward(2), Triangle.

* Sonya Blade’s Fatalities:

1. Kiss of Death (sweep): Press Down(2), Back, Forward, X / Press Down(2), Back, Forward, Square.
2. Neck Breaker (one step away): Press Down, Back, Forward(2), B / Press Down, Back, Forward(2), Circle.


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