Animal Crossing Wii comparison with GameCube and DS versions. Plus Mr. Resetti in City Folk!

19 November 2008
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Animal Crossing: City Folk for WiiAnimal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii is the latest game in the series. Although you wouldn’t know that at first glance. In fact, you might not even notice if you put them side by side. As you will soon learn, you’d probably be hard pressed to tell them apart unless you’ve played each game personally.

This comparison video takes Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, and compares it with Animal Crossing for GameCube, by putting video of the games side-by-side. Although the quality of the videos isn’t always the greatest, you can still tell that most of the changes are aesthetic and taken from Wild World on the DS (which isn’t shown until the end of the video), such as red trees. The main character also looks a bit taller and different in the Wii version from the GameCube original.

Either way, they didn’t change much at all and graphically it’s virtually the same. In fact, as you can see with Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS at the end, it pretty much is a better-quality version of that game graphically and aesthetically.

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And just for fun, check out Mr. Resetti in Animal Crossing: City Folk! He is the character who comes out and yells at you if you didn’t save your game properly or you rewind the clock.

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