First Deus Ex 3 screenshots unveiled

Deus Ex 3 Screenshot

The first screenshot of Deus Ex 3 has been revealed! Take a gander at the shot above. While it’s not in-game, it does seem to be rendered by the game engine (which means the graphics should look the same in the game itself) and it shows the main protagonist, named Adam Jensen, wielding a hefty gun. The environment around him is also reportedly from an early level, according to Edge Online who got the exclusive scoop.

According to Edge, the lead game designer Jean-François Dugas insisted that the third game won’t be dummed down for the benefit of the console versions, which was one of the main criticisms of the second game, Deus Ex : Invisible War.

“They tried to console-ise it, but their way of doing this was to drop a lot of stuff and cut out a lot of the tactical management aspects of the first game. At this point we don’t know exactly which platforms we’re going to be out on. The PC, we’ll be there for sure. But for us, console-isation isn’t about dumbing down features; if we’re to go console we will want to keep the complexity alive. We want the menu interface and controller to feel simple to use without risking any of their potential.”