How to unlock all Guitar Hero 4: World Tour songs with codes and other cheats

28 October 2008
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Play Guitar Hero 4: World Tour with all songs unlocked

How to unlock all Guitar Hero 4: World Tour songs? You will get the answer to that question on this page. Below you can find the codes and cheats to enter into the music rhythm game’s Wii, PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to get new: songs, modes, characters and more.

To enter codes for unlocking songs and such, you must: At the main menu, select “Options”. Choose the “Cheats” selection, and click on “Enter New Cheat”. When you reached that screen you can input the below cheat codes…

* Unlock Quickplay Songs that lets you play all songs right away: Press Blue(2), Red, Green(2), Blue(2), Yellow.

* Performance Mode: Press Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red(2).

* HyperSpeed (AKA HyperGuitar, HyperBass & HyperDrums): Press Green, Blue, Red, Yellow(2), Red, Green(2).

* Air Instruments: Press Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3), Yellow.

* Invisible Characters: Press Green, Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2), Green.

* Auto Kick: Press Yellow, Green, Red, Blue(4), Red.

* Get Aaron Steele: Press Blue, Red, Yellow(5), Green.

* Get Nick: Press Green, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Blue(2), Green.

* Get Johnny Viper: Press Blue, Red, Blue(2), Yellow(3), Green.

* Get Rina: Press Blue, Red, Green(2), Yellow(3), Green.

* AT&T Ballpark: Press Yellow, Green, Red(2), Green, Blue, Red, Yellow.

* Gem Color: Press Blue, Red(2), Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow.

* Flame Color: Press Green, Red, Green, Blue, Red(2), Yellow, Blue.

* Star Color: Press Red(2), Yellow, Red, Blue, Red(2), Blue.

* Vocal Fireball: Press Red, Green(2), Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green.

* Always Slide: Press Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue.

* Extra Line 6 Tones: Press Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

Bob made a video that shows Guitar Hero World Tour cheats being entered into the game.


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