The Making of Skate 2: A Whole New World. Improvements listed

15 October 2008
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Pre-order Skate 2 for Xbox 360Developer EA Black Box is hard at work to get Skate 2 ready for an early 2009 release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Skate 2 will focus on making money and using it to “stick it to the man” in addition to building skate parks for fellow skaters to enjoy.

Amongst other things, the skateboarding game will:
* Improve controls by allowing the player to control the skateboarder’s feet and hands independently, allowing for the player to perform hand and footplants, hand-based lip tricks, skitching, and hippy jumps.
* Have more freedom by stepping off the skateboard and walking around the city, allowing you create your own skateboarding obstacles.
* Let you do double the number of tricks from the first game.
* Let you play as a female skater, and have more ability to customize your characters skateboard and appearance.
* Show improved graphics and a framerate at 60FPS.
* Have a completely revamped city of “New San Vanelona” after a devastating earthquake and other disasters have hit the original game’s city. As a result new spots and locations are everywhere, but having more security guards around will have a larger impact on the player.

See how the developers improved the skating environments. Watch “Skate 2: Making The Game”.


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