StarCraft 2 opening cinematic teaser from BlizzCon 2008

13 October 2008
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StarCraft 2 opening cinematic screenshot

StarCraft II‘s opening cinematic set the BlizzCon 2008 crowd afire when Blizzard unveiled a teaser video of the intro to their highly anticipated RTS sequel. Even though the scene was simply a teaser, and not the entire sequence.

But once again Blizzard impresses with some mighty fine CG that is quite simply as top-notch as you can get. Although the opening cinematic isn’t as action packed as I thought it would be, given that this is StarCraft II. But regardless, the teaser video definitely has a very cool, Aliens-esque cinematic feel to it that is definitely worth checking out. And fans will be in for a treat.

For in-game footage, check out our StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Guide.


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