Dawn of War 2 developer walkthrough video

Pre-Order Dawn of War II for PCWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II for PC is the latest game in the RTS series and sequel to the first Dawn of War released in 2004.

In this developer walkthrough of an early build of the game, the developers over at Relic Entertainment take you through a portion of the campaign to show off some of what they have been working on in their latest RTS.

You’ll get a look at the new cover mechanic (which has been a large focus of the team) that allows you to use objects in the environment to avoid enemy fire. You can even climb atop buildings! You’ll get a look at Thadius’ awesome Squad Jump special ability, some of the individual unit upgrades and special abilities, a battle to capture a shrine (which will increase morale) and some of the cool units, attacks and enemies that you will be fighting over the course of the game.

Dawn of War II is currently scheduled for release in Spring of 2009.