God of War movie planned with director Brett Ratner

X-Men 3: The Last Stand DVDDirector Brett Ratner and his team at Sony are currently planning a God of War movie! Mr. Ratner previously directed the Jackie Chan Rush Hour movies and the latest X-Men 3 movie.

To quote the inadvertent movie announcement: “I’m waiting for the [God of War and Beverly Hills Cop 4 movie] scripts and greenlights to come in.” So his Guitar Hero movie idea might just stay an idea.

Watch as the God of War games director David Jaffe tunes in on the God of War movie and confirms what’s going on behind the scenes of the movie’s development. He’s got a potty mouth, just so you’re warned.

I’m definitely looking forward to a fun and violent popcorn flick. Maybe Vin Diesel can play Kratos?

Via Kotaku