10 small words that will help you win at Scrabble

18 September 2008
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Word Jong for DSWho doesn’t love Scrabble? Personally, the world-famous word-based board game is one of my favorites. It’s right up there with Monopoly! My mom also loves the game . . . in fact that’s almost all she plays when she’s on the computer.

But there are some words that expert players use that can really help them win in the game, and those are very small words that can not only help you get rid of letters, but are just good to know for strategic reasons, such as when you are at the end of the game and trying to get rid of all your letters.

Here is the list of 10 words that will help you win at Scrabble.

1. Aa. And I don’t mean the acronym for Alcoholics Anonymous, either. Aa is “basaltic lava having a rough surface.”
2. Qat – a flowering plant native to East Africa and the Arabian peninsula.
3. Zax – a slater or slate mason, or the tool used to cut and punch nail holes in roofing slate.
4. Cwm – a valley, especially one created by glacial movement.
5. Xu – Vietnamese money
6. Qua – as or as being, or in the character of.
7. Suq – a market, or part of a market, in an Arab city.
8. Adz – an axe-like tool.
9. Jo – sweetheart or dear
10. Qadi – a judge in the Muslim community.

And here’s some additional words that are good to know: Qi, Xi, Qwijibo, za, Zoquo, ushnu, brr, brrr, Qat, Zu, Suq, Qadi, Faqir, Adze, shazam, xx, biz, qoz, dq, qd, zz, bize, ai, oe, xi, gi . . . I’ll end it right there cause this could go on!

Thanks to Stacy Conradt at Mental Floss for the article.


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