Gizmondo 2 set to launch during Christmas 2008

Gizmondo 2 held by Rich Jenkins
Media Power CEO Rich Jenkins has shown off the new Gizmondo 2 handheld to Swedish press. The system is finished and will go in production in China, so it will definitely be on sale in Europe by November or December 2008 with a price expected above $99. You’ll be able to order the system from an upcoming Gizmondo 2 website that will launch mid-October.

According to Hans Sandberg the Gizmondo 2 design is very similar to the first failed Gizmondo (it sold less than 25,000 units), but includes a newer version of nVidia’s graphics chip and a new battery*. It’s said to come with either Windows CE 6.0 or Google’s new Android operating system. The system will be open, so that you can run any Windows CE game or emulation on it. But you’ll have to choose between CE and Android, you can’t have both, or switch, at least not yet.

* Owners of the old Gizmondo can even send in their old battery and receive a new one for free. — Via MCVUK