Life with PlayStation coming for free from Sony, just like Nintendo’s Wii News Channel

Life With PlayStation PS3 logo

Life With PlayStation is coming soon says the developers. It has been delayed due to “some paperwork”, but it will “just be a bit longer” they say. The good news is that it’s looking great and to whet people’s appetites, they’ve released some new info on it.

Life With PlayStation will be a free news and weather service that will be directly accessible via the PlayStation 3’s XMB (CrossMediaBar). Once Life With PlayStation has been brought up, it will feed live content directly to your PS3 with news and weather updates from around the world on a “stunning and interactive global map”. Which sounds like they took the Wii’s News Channel and Weather Channel and combined them into one, of course, with the added stunning graphics you’d expect from a PS3 game I’m sure.

In addition, Life With PlayStation will be combined with Sony’s “Folding@Home” project which will allow you to help Stanford researchers find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s and various types of cancer while Folding@home is running in the background without interfering with what you are doing, as you read the news and check the weather. Which is a great idea.

They didn’t give an exact release date, but it should be coming soon as a PS3 firmware update.