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7 September 2008
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Pre-Order Dead Space on Xbox 360EA is continuing to push the Dead Space comic revelations further with a 5th animated comic that you can reveal before.

The animated comics are meant to promote the actual Dead Space comic books, and in this fifth animation it’s heads up and heads off for the crew of USG Ishimura! Give it a look:

EA released the first part of an animated Dead Space comic, 2nd animated Dead Space comic and 3rd animated Dead Space comic online a while back. As well as the 4th Dead Space Animated Comic.

In addition to all these animated comics to promote their PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 survival-horror game, they also just launched a brand-new story-based No Known Survivors Dead Space web-site. It features two tragic stories from the Dead Space universe. Each is told through the use of 3D animation, voice acting, and original video and interactive elements. Very cool. The website launched with nine body parts floating through space, each of which will morph into the shape of a mutated necromorph body part before becoming clickable, with one a new chunk of content activated every Monday, starting this week.

The first story is named “Misplaced Affection” and tells of an organ replacement tech who fall for a female officer. The second is called “13” and tells the story of a sleeper agent face with some tough decisions. These stories do an outstanding job of heightening interest for Dead Space for whoever watches, as they are extremely atmospheric and very well done.


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