Saints Row 2: The Ronin Gang trailer

6 September 2008
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The Ronin Gang - Saints Row 2 ScreenshotSaints Row 2 is nearly upon us with its October 14, 2008 release date. To get you pumped about the game, the developers at Volition, Inc. have released a new trailer for the Xbox 360 and PS3 sandbox gang-simulator.

Pre-Order Saints Row 2 on Xbox 360This trailer deals with the Japanese gang known as “The Ronin”, who are the self-proclaimed “most powerful gang in the world”. These martial arts samurai-inspired thugs can best be identified by their dragon-influenced yellow jackets and black custom leathers, as well as by their flashy bikes. The Ronin control much of the entertainment industry in Stilwater, engaging in gambling and street racing, as well as owning numerous casinos throughout the city. The gang was formed by Shogo Akuji who left the streets of Tokyo to form his gang. His father, Akuji-san finances and oversees the Ronin, and takes pride in showing Shogo how to run the faction. The Japanese word “ronin” literally translates as a samurai warrior whose master, or “daimyo”, has been banished or is dead.

Check out “The Ronin Gang Saints Row 2 trailer” for a glimpse into the “honorable soldiers with undying loyalty”, The Ronin Gang.


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