Gamepark’s The Wiz announced as the successor of the GP2x handheld

The Wiz GamePark Handheld System

The Wiz has been announced as the follow-up to GamePark’s GP2x handheld system, which was fairly successful in it’s own right.

Like with the GP2x, The Wiz uses a Linux-based Operating System and has a GBA kind of feel to the hardware. The hardware, like on the last system, is wide open, allowing for homebrew developers to code original games, such as Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles which was originally a GP2x game. And of course, this makes it super easy to emulate to your hearts content if you are one of those video game piraters.

The new system has a 533MHZ Arm 9 processor with 3D acceleration, 64MB of Ram and a touchscreen. Although there is only one screen, so DS emulation is fairly unlikely, but there are already some touchscreen games and apps in the pipeline and I’m sure creative developers will be able to use it to create some unique and cool games. The game also supports Flash 7.0, opening up the possibility of playing web-based games. Sadly though there is no wi-fi.

The Wiz has a release date of October but it’s available for pre-order now for $179.99.