When is your next Wii delivery coming in? “Oh in about 14 weeks”

Satoru Iwata's talking head in Mii form

Nintendo has once again discussed the continuing “Wii retailer shortage” that has dogged the console since it’s debut.

Speaking to Forbes, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has expressed that although Nintendo is “100% committed” to getting the Wii game system onto store shelves this holiday, he can’t make any guarantees. He stated that the best thing he can do right now, is to tell people that Nintendo is “doing it’s best” to supply the United States with consoles.

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced that it takes roughly FOURTEEN WEEKS for Wii systems to go from the factory to store shelves. Yikes.

Pre-Order Animal Crossing: City Folk for WiiSatoru Iwata also apologized for the Nintendo Pre-E3 Press Conference at E3 2008 in which Nintendo revealed Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Music, Wii Sports 2: Resort, the WiiSpeak Microphone and Wii MotionPlus accessory among other announces such as Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for DS.

The reason Iwata apologized was due to the fact that many core gamers were disappointed in the press conference in which a total of only three upcoming new Nintendo games were shown and they were all games for the casual market. In addition, the conference lacked ANY hardcore or surprising game reveals (with the possible exception of Wii Music) that people had expected, such as news on a new rumored-to-be-in-development Kid Icarus Wii game or a new Wii Star Fox, F-Zero Wii, EarthBound Wii VC, etc. There was also next to nothing about WiiWare or the Wii Virtual Console. And Pikmin 3 was announced after the press conference, but no footage was shown.

But according to Iwata, the perception that Nintendo has abandoned “Core Gamers” is a “misunderstanding”. He told Forbes that the company wants to do what it can to “get rid of the misunderstanding by any means”. He followed this statement by explaining that “big titles” require time and that Nintendo did not think that E3 2008 was the right time of the year to announce any of their big titles. It was confirmed at E3 2008 though that Nintendo does have new Mario and Zelda games in development and that those teams are actively working on projects.

Still, it is a bit sad to see Nintendo making excuses when Microsoft and Sony have many huge titles in development and that doesn’t seem to stop the flow of their casual fare.

Via GoNintendo and Joystiq