Barats and Bereta do Double Dragon

The 80's sensation Double Dragon on NESCheck out this hilarious Double Dragon skit from Barats & Bereta, the sketch comedy duo who has become an internet phenomenon with their highly creative and hilarious videos (one of the most popular being their Mother Day skit).

In one of their newest, the duo tackles another famous duo, brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee from the Double Dragon video game series that was extremely popular in the 80’s with the NES version (and got made into a movie).

Byline: “Do they have any formal martial arts training? NO. But do they have a deeply-rooted obsession with Double Dragon? YES!!! (Note: When dying your karate gi, don’t use the cheapest fabric dye available at WalMart. Your reds could come out strikingly pink, and your royal blues might get left a tad on the periwinkle side.)”

There is both an Xbox Live Arcade Double Dragon remake (that contains a online co-op mode) as well as the original Double Dragon on Wii Virtual Console for those that want to check out one of the earliest and most popular Beat ’em Ups in the history of video games.