Competition time: Win a DS Lite handheld and N+ games

Update: The winner of our DS Lite handheld and N+ games competition is announced here.

Nintendo DS Lite Onyx Black handheldN+ on Nintendo DS

Welcome to our “DS Lite handheld and N+ games” competition where you now have the chance to win two copies of Atari’s new N+ game along with a Nintendo DS Lite handheld!

First prize: A brand-new Nintendo DS Lite, 1 copy of the N+ game for DS, and miscellaneous N+ swag.
Second prize: 1 copy of the N+ game for DS, and miscellaneous N+ swag.

This all in celebration of the first portable release of N+ on August 26th. N+ will have you leaping and avoiding obstacles using the excellent physics and collision detection, while you scour each level for as much gold as you can reach before finding the switch and opening the door to the next challenging level… or dying a painful death and trying again and again till you make it in this fiercely addictive fun game.

What do you need to do to win? Answer this question: “Ninjas versus pirates. Who would win?” 😀

What are the rules? Winners must be located in the USA and be age 18 and over. All you have to do is leave a comment on this page with your answer before September 25th has passed by. The winners will be announced the next day. Fill out your real email so we can contact you if you win (your email will be invisible to other readers, only the site staff can see it). Good luck!

Get hyped, watch a trailer for N+ on DS: